Get Your Hands on Parkour Clothes and Show Your Passion and Determination

Posted on June 20, 2016 By

You might have seen people jumping from wall to wall, scrambling over buildings, springing off poles and throwing themselves all over the place. Or, we all have seen intense parkour sequences showcased in latest action movies and amazing parkour movements displayed by athletes in their newest show reels. It’s incredible and at first glance, insane!

Seeing anyone perform a diving front flip across 8ft building gap where one slip means you fall ten stories to a painful impact on some exposed air conditioning units make most people think that you have to be some sort of daredevil to do that. But, that is only a small fraction of what parkour is about an example of years of dedicated training.

Parkour is the art of moving from one place to another in a fast, fluid, efficient and dynamic manner with nothing but clothes on your back and shoes on your feet – and even those are optional. Practitioners of parkour work to perfect their ability to leap, grasp, swing, roll, and stride under, over, and around any ilk of an obstacle. Though parkour is primarily famous as an urban show, the art form is equally applicable in woods and mountains.

The goal and method of the sport are movements. When body interacts with the environment, it should be refined, and the movements should not be hampered by anything in its way. The equipment or machinery that should be used in free running is your body and mind to go from one place to another in the quickest and most efficient way possible overcoming any obstacle you encounter. Parkour is looked at as a discipline and even a lifestyle much like martial arts. Whereas martial art is the art of fight, parkour is the art of flight.

When it comes to training for parkour, gear plays a very small role in the overall picture. There are however a few basics to cover. Almost all parkour gear will fall into two categories – things you wear or take with you while training and items to help with your workouts. Although shoes are an important aspect of parkour training as it is all about running, parkour clothes are also necessary. Parkour clothing should be weather appropriate and comfortable because with uncomfortable or too much tight clothes one won’t be able to jump or run at required pace and get him or her badly injured.

Therefore, learning parkour is all about building strength, coordination, flexibility and body awareness to prepare your body for any physical situation!