Global Scarves Combining Knitting Soccer and Breweries

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Soccer fans and beer drinkers are coming together in a whole new way: promotional scarves. The rather unexpected business allegiance is being facilitated the beer brewers and soccer supporters in the company Global Scarves. Together, they are combining their passions for the industries and coming together to provide what they call “a true icon of support” for their customers.

The high-quality promotional scarves are produced by their experienced and skilled team of knitters. They actually produce all of their scarves in-house, rather than outsourcing the products to a larger factory. By doing this, they are able to ensure the quality standard for their products. They have also figured out that by eliminating a middle-man they are able to keep their prices down. Even better yet, they can now offer their customers next day delivery on any of their products world-wide. All of their products, which are shipped via FedEx, are produced right in the UK.

Due to their innovation, Global Scarves is enjoying great success. They are now one of the leading soccer scarf providers for both the United States and Canada. Their scarves have been used for many different leagues across the continent including Major League Soccer (MLS), the National American Soccer League (NASL), and United Soccer League (USL).

They are also very popular among youth sports teams, traveling club teams, corporate events, and independent breweries of course. Additionally, they allow customers to create custom scarves, hats, pins, or socks, which can be used in fundraising efforts.
The pins in particular offer the possibility for a 100% markup for fundraisers. They also offer design services for the clients that need additional assistance in the layout of their scarf, hat, pin, or socks.

The clean, free-flowing website allows users to log on and shop for different products based on what their needs are. There, you can also learn more about the company and how they got started as a small family business but grew into a major international company with customers from every corner of the globe. You can also learn what made the CEO change the entire direction of the company from being a promotional printing business, into one that is built around knitted scarves – a bit of a leap! Perhaps the coolest feature of their website though, is their blog page. The blog offers various article entries with cool titles such as “7 Reasons Why Your Business Must Have Scarves for your Employees!”, “How to Design Your Company Holiday Scarves for Maximum Engagement”, and “4 Ways Custom Soccer Scarves Help Your Team Win”.

Peter Foster and his grandson Alan say that the Seattle based team is is both fun but full of hard work. They say that their focus has always been on building lasting relationships with clients.

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