Here’s What You Should Look for in Your Ideal Free Running Shoes

Posted on April 21, 2016 By

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.” – Arthur C. Clarke

Over the last half a decade or so, scores of people have been challenging their physical selves to see where the limit is for them. This has seen an upturn in their participation in unconventional physical and sporting activities. Crossfit is a prime example of one such physical activity that is being undertaken by more and more people from around the world. Another such activity is parkour, becoming the preferred route to peak physical fitness for many.

To cut the long story short, parkour – also known as freerunning, and sourced from the French word parcour which means “the way through – is the act of moving from one between two points that are separated in an urban area by a host of obstacles. Although parkour came into being as a special training program for the Parcours du Combattant, it has since become a non competitive sport, having been pioneered by David Belle as “The art of movement”. Now, whether you have been a parkour athlete for some time or if you are interested in the sport, you need certain qualities you need to look for in your free running shoes to ensure that you are comfortable as you navigate through the numerous hurdles. The following list of factors would help you through to choosing the perfect free running shoes for you:

  • A Comfortable Start: Parkour usually needs you to wear minimalistic free running shoes, but when you are just starting with such a gruelling activity you are better off starting with sneakers that are supportive and cushioned. Eventually, you can move on to…
  • Minimalistic Shoes: These kinds of shoes will make you feel like you are running and jumping about in your bare feet. They thus allow your feet to remain naturally flexible, while at the same time providing them with a proper feel of the ground beneath to give them stability.
  • A Perfect Fit: It is imperative that the free running shoes you buy fit like a glove, so as to say. This is because; a pair of shoes that is the perfect fit will give your ankles the utmost protection, while at the same time offering the flexibility your feet need.
  • Thin Soles in One Piece: It is absolutely crucial that your free running shoes have flexible soles that are constructed in one piece, going from the tip to the back. This will provide you the ideal grip as you land on walls, floors, bars and other obstacles.

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